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Preparing for Opening Day
By Sam Anderson

In reading most publications in the Upper Midwest it always amazes me how many writers include in their list of articles usually every year something about preparing for the opener. To understand what the opener is you have to realize that this is probably the biggest event in the spring or early summer that most states have. The opener I am referring to is the walleye opener.

There are articles written on weather, location, the latest bait or the lack of minnows with harsh winters. There are the articles written about your rod, reels and replacing the line and occasionally you will see something written about taking kids fishing during the opener as well.

It struck me while reading one article about starting your engines and getting your boat in shape that many of us fail to get our tow vehicle in shape as well. Spring cleaning of your fishing equipment should also include cleaning and repair your truck or Suburban. You might make a check list of all the things that you need to fix over the winter and didnít have to time the get them done. For example. What do your tires look like? Do you need to replace a cracked dash or add some mud guards? Well the people at Winfield Consumer Products, Inc. or better known as the Husky Liner company have some simple solutions to your problems about getting your tow vehicle in shape for the opener.

The Husky Liners are something that I use in my Suburban. These Husky Liners are unique, because they utilize a tray system to catch and hold all debris that enters the vehicle with you. Instead of floor mats that might have grooves to catch water and mud that quickly fill up, the Husky Liner has ribbed flooring with a 2 1/2-inch lip or edge that runs around the entire liner. The edge holds all the mud, snow, etc. that a person tracks in a vehicle. Not only do they come in the floor mat model but they also make models to fit in the back of a Suburban or pick-up. The floor mat models come to fit the front seat floor and well as the second floor area. The Husky Liner comes in three colors to match most of today's interiors of either truck or Suburban.

When you are done hunting, fishing or four wheeling and you want to clean up the interior all you have to do is take the Husky Liners out and rinse them off at your local car wash or driveway. If you are planning a night on the town or taking the family to church on Sunday the interior of the Suburban or truck will be clean and free of the odors from the fishing equipment.

If you are looking for custom sunshades, ladder racks or tailgates that allow air flow through them, yet keeps objects in the box, then you should contact husky liners today. They have all the accessories to spruce up your vehicle plus they will increase the value of your tow vehicle.

I am getting all my equipment ready for the opener and I will be taking care of my tow vehicle as well. If you use Husky Liners or would like more information about them drop me a line on the web at www.samanderson.com.

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