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Looking for that New Boat
By Sam Anderson

Late winter is usually the time of year when everyone looks forward to a break in the weather and some of us spend time at boat shows looking at all the new models that have come out on the market. Some of the models are new and improved others are a variation of the old, just reworked or a new style has been added.

Most anglers go about selecting and obtaining a boat by the color or the advertisement. Some anglers look at a boat as a multi-purpose boat. A boat that is good for fishing as well as pulling a skier. Some people like the outboard others inboard engines. While some look for cutty cabins and others look for accessories like depth finders and rod holders.

As fishing became species specific, with increasing popularity in walleye angling, and especially tournament walleye angling, big water utility boats evolved into "walleye" boats. The features serious walleye anglers liked were quickly discovered by anglers chasing other species, and these days we’re back to a "multi-species" style boat that is fast becoming one of most popular in sales.

Your boat is more critical than the rod you select or the bait that you tie on. It could be arguably the biggest and most important decision you can make improve your chances of increasing your fish catching every time you are out. It delivers you to the spot to fish but it gives you the confidence to arrive there safely and works with you so that you can get the most fishing pleasure. It provides you with the tools you need to enable you to harvest a days catch and gives other members of your family a relaxed enjoyable experience. If you have selected the right boat you will notice that it stays in the family for a long time, because it has become part of your presentation. If you have selected the wrong boat you will see it in the classified section, because it just didn't fit the bill for your presentation purposes.

A perfect example of the ideal boat is the boat that I run. The Fishhunter 194, is a deep V hull developed specifically for fishing in big lakes. The special wide beam construction combined with the deep V hull provides a dry, safe ride as well as smooth handling in the roughest of waters. The boat is symmetrically laid out with dual 26 gallon fuel tanks and dual 20 gallon livewells. The boat has the trademark Champion hull with its variable deadrise, which cuts through the water and directs water to the prop. The design of the hull provides excellent stability of drift fishing. It comes with either the walk-through windshield model or the tournament style. The Fishhunter is a 19’4" with 97" beam fiberglass boat with a 225 horsepower rating.

Today’s modern boats, with their sophisticated livewell and aerator systems, sonar and GPS units plus the power requirements needed to turn over today’s large outboards, demand more of marine batteries than ever!

Therefore, I have discovered that Hawker Energy Products has developed a series of marine batteries called "Trolling Thunder" that address the needs of today’s anglers.

Hawker is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of rechargeable batteries for the telecommunications, medical and military fields.

The "Trolling Thunder" battery has a faster recharge rate (four to six hours) and a much longer service life than conventional marine batteries. Hawker claims their batteries are capable of providing up to 400 full, 100 percent, charge/ discharge cycles.

Conventional marine batteries develop a memory factor, which reduces the battery storage capacity after repeated charges. I know for a fact that the "Trolling Thunder" batteries are capable of a full recharge, time after time.

So as the sportshow season begins again, look for the Champion boats and the Trolling Thunder batteries and if you want more information contact: Champion Boats through their website www.championboats.com, for Trolling Thunder batteries contact at www.hepi.com. I would also like to hear from you and you can email me at www.samanderson.com. Look for new and continuous additions to my website this coming year. A section devoted just to boat layout and design is coming soon! Let’s talk over you fishing needs and put you in a new boat this year.

This Fishing Article is brought to you by Sam Anderson
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