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Sam Anderson's Bio

Sam Anderson was born in 1973 in the Twin Cities metro area. He grew up fishing with his dad and mother, Dave and Lois Anderson. Sam also has a sister named Stephanie and all four of the Anderson's love to fish. "I know many times I am asked when giving seminars about what started me in fishing? The answer is simple, all I have to do is say my Dad".

Anytime you hear Sam say that you can tell by his smile and the twinkle in his eye that Dad was and still is a big influence in Samís life.

Sam has earned many accomplishments in life and not all of them were on the water. Sam graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison in 1997 with a bachelorís degree in Marketing. "Sam was dedicated to the promotion of fishing when he was young", said his Dad. He knew that a marketing degree and his skills as a fisherman would help him to achieve a goal as a professional angler.

Some of Samís accomplishments on the water are that in 1992 Sam was the youngest touring professional to ever fish the PWT circuit at age 18. But he didnít stop there. In 1994 Sam became the youngest qualifying angler for the PWT championship at age 20. Then in 1996 he became the youngest angler to qualify for the PWT walleye super pro at age 22. 1997 was a great year for Sam, he not only graduated from college, but he won 1st place at the NAWA Lake Sharpe. During that same year he also became the all time money winner without earning a PWT victory.

Sam has many other victories such as being a 2 time PWT Championship Qualifier and a 2 time NAWA Championship Qualifier. He has also been able to see his mentor, his father earn the coveted title of Sportsman of the Year in 1997.

Sam may say that he owes his success to his father and he would be true, but Sam has a dedication to detail and finesse when he fishes. His favorite techniques are live bait rigging with a 7 foot Tour Edition Quantum rod and an E52 Quantum Spinning reel. All in all Sam tells many that attend his seminars that you should try to be diverse in your approach if you want to be a successful angler. Sam Anderson is one of the leaders in the tournament circuit there is no doubting that. Watch for him in the up coming years, he will be either in, or very near the winners circle.

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