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Colin Crawford is 38 years old and has been married to Debbie his wife for 12 years. They currently make their home in Phelps, Wisconsin and Colin is a machinist by trade. Colin and his wife are also going to fish the MWC circuit together this coming year as a husband and wife team.

Colin has been a touring pro in the In-Fisherman Professional Walleye Circuit in 1997 and 1998. He has also fished in the USFA Team Walleye Circuit, including the National Championship and the Master's Walleye Circuit, as well as the Mercury National. Colin has won big fish awards in many of these tournaments and also placed in the top ten.

Colin has appeared on the In-Fisherman television show, conducted radio interviews and has contributed to several newspaper and magazine articles. But his expertise doesn't stop there he has also been involved in his community with kids fishing clinics, Say No to Drugs events and taking senior citizens fishing in Kane County, IL.

As noted before, Colin and his wife Debbie will be fishing the MWC this year and Colin will be providing a multi-species guide service in the Phelps, Wisconsin area.

This Fishing Article is brought to you by Colin D. Crawford

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