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Holiday Ideas for the Sportsperson
by Colin D. Crawford

Christmas is just a few short days away and it seems like just yesterday that I sat down and hammered out a Christmas column about the items that you could purchase for the sportsman on your list. Maybe time has flown by or maybe it seems like yesterday because my mother-in-law keeps reminding me not to include her or the presents that are given by her in my columns. Unfortunately for my mother-in-law I must confess I don't listen to what she thinks about my columns. Because, she doesn't read them and if she was informed of the contents wouldn’t change her Christmas gift idea for me.

Therefore, for all of you readers out there, here are some items that I highly recommend for the sportsperson in your life. I will start out with items that are small in price, but big on the idea of giving.

First of all, every sportsman needs new line for his reels. Berkley has made some excellent line from cold weather conditions to tournament strength, an inexpensive gift for a child to give to a parent. If you are looking for things for your spouse then a Berkley Spinning Rod, or a pair of Rocky boots are a great choice. Don't overlook some great stocking stuffers like some Power Rattles or a Magic Worm Blower for the tackle box and Shad Raps, and Power Worms are always a good gift.

If you really want to buy a gift that keeps on giving, the new Calcutta reel from Shimano is a super baitcasting reel. Or you might want to purchase a Depth finder so the whole family can see all the fish that are down there. I know at least a couple of fisherman out there are hoping for a trolling motor, especially one that they can take on and off with ease and move from one boat to another.

I would highly recommend some Cabela's clothing for the sportsperson. Cabela's has some of the best quality products and you can shop from the comfort of your living room rather than making a mad dash to the mall and fighting the crowds. I personally like the Windstopper sweaters, and the Dry-Plus Thinsulate Parka and Bibs for deer hunting. Or the Gore-Tex Insulated pants for kneeling in the snow to capture a snapshot of the red fox as he hunts for his supper.

Also in the clothing line Wrangler has a lot to offer. Outdoorsmen have long appreciated this clothing line for its comfort and durability. And they’ll be looking for more of it this holiday season. Look for the Rugged Wear collection of camouflage apparel in men’s, women’s and boy’s styles, featuring Bill Jordan’s original Advantage Classic, Advantage Timber and Hardwoods by Realtree patterns. Another favorite is the Wrangler Rugged Wear Field Pant which offers protection in the field with Cordura nylon panels in a comfortable relaxed-fit jean. For cold weather outdoor activities, put in your request for the Rugged Wear Thermal Jean, lined with Thinsulate Insulation, or the fleece jean featuring a warm fleece lining. Rugged Wear also offers functional shorts, classic shirts and casual pants.

A new gun case would also be great for the sportsperson. Boyt or Filson have gun cases that are functional and keep your gun protected from the elements. One gift that I have that I value a great deal is my Motorola TalkAbout radios. I use them on the water and also to communicate with my wife at the sportshows, or in the woods. They are great to take along in case of an emergency and they don’t cost as much as a cell phone nor do you have to worry about air rates.

As far as my mother-in-law is concerned I probably will get hot tongue and cold shoulder for my Christmas meal and if she is mad enough I might have to spend some time outside. That is all right I enjoy the outdoors and seeing my skin turn the unusual shades of blue and purple will help pass the time. Especially when she has confiscated my coat and refuses to give it to me until all the presents have been unwrapped.

Needless to say, don't over look the sportsperson in your life. Whether they hunt with a camera, bow, gun, or fishing pole there are many products that can keep the sportsman happy and enjoying the great outdoors. Merry Christmas to all of you.

This Fishing Article is brought to you by Colin D. Crawford

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