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Accessorize That Rig!
by Colin D. Crawford

Buying a new boat takes some real thought before looking at price and color. Being in the fishing industry I have the opportunity to be in contact with various manufacturers. One area of consideration is the size and type of motor for your particular boat. Motors in the 6-25 HP range with 4 stroke capabilities allow me to troll and not consume as much gas. Larger outboards over 200 HP capacities are essential so that I can get to a spot quickly in tournament fishing.

Once you have had your rig for sometime you might want to add a few "creature features" so you can keep and maintain your boat for years to come.

If part of fixing up your boat is to add a few accessories and to give it a face-lift then I don’t think you could go wrong with products from Goldeneye. Goldeneye Products is the parent company of another accessory that I use as well and that is the Panther line of marine products. I know that every time I tie off my anchor or tie up to a dock, the cleats on my boat are not strategically placed, this is the case on most boats. Therefore, I like to use the gripper rope cleats from Goldeneye. You have probably noticed these in sporting goods stores. The Gripper works great for securing everything from bait buckets and fish stringers, to fender cords, trailer covers and more.

Goldeneye also makes anchor rope in various lengths and winch straps. The safety and security of a new winch strap is essential. Look over your trailer and see if it needs replacing. It is better to replace it now rather than replacing a boat that has slid off a trailer because the winch strap broke.

If you run a kicker motor along side the big engine, and you would rather run your boat from the console, then consider attaching an auxiliary motor steering kit and components. These kits are easy to install and they allow you to use the wheel rather than the tiller to steer your boat. Along with that, you might add an additional motor lift. Panther makes some of the best add-on devices for lifting your kicker motor. This helps when the kicker is attached to the transom of your boat, whether you are towing it to the lake or riding the rough waves. The motor lift will hold it secure and you won’t have to be concerned about breaking off or bending the transom. I have used one of these for the last two years and I wouldn’t have a boat without an additional motor lift.

Mike Gofron, former Angler of the Year, PWT winner has this to say about the Panther marine products. "I couldn’t fish some of the spots I do without my Panther Marine products. So many times I am fishing back bays that normal motor mounts wouldn’t allow. I also like the ease and control of the units. Concentrating on winning, not wrestling my motor, is better." Also, Ted Takasaki PWT World Champion added this; "Panther Marine products allow me to get from one fishing spot to the next, under the most extreme conditions. I can count on my kicker still being there, allowing me to bring a huge basket to the scales."

For years, serious anglers have taken advantage of the many benefits of using jack plates. The reason to install Panther jack plates on your boat is that it will allow you a faster hole shot, higher top end speed and provide you with an opportunity to get to some shallow water where you could not previously go.

In its lowest position, the Panther Jack Lift will actually tuck the lowest part of the engine under the boat to provide additional prop leverage during take off. Once the boat is on plane, the engine height can be adjusted in tandem with the engine’s trim function to provide maximum top end speed and exceptional stability in both rough and shallow water. This jack plate is unique in its parabolic design, which allows an extraordinary 11 inches of prop lift with 5 inches of vertical lift to the frame.

Therefore, if you want to get a "lift" out of accessorizing your rig get in touch with Goldeneye/Panther Marine products at: 1-800511-5960. Or if you are interested in a guided trip, a personal media interview, or photo shoot, please call 715-545-8347. I am located in Phelps, Wisconsin area, close to several fishing lakes. See you on the water this season. Remember NPAA #94. I Hope to hear from you soon.

This Fishing Article is brought to you by Colin D. Crawford

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