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Sportshow Time
by Colin D. Crawford

If you have spring fever and you can't wait until the upcoming fishing opener, there are a variety of things you can be doing to make preparation for any opener go a little smoother. Check over all your equipment. Clean and care for items that need fixing. Make a list of those Reef Runner lures you need, or the Fuzzy Grub Jigs, or maybe you need a new tackle box. This list makes a great gift idea to members of the family. (Valentine's Day, Birthdays, Father's Day, and Mother's Day). It allows you to start shopping around for the best prices. Make sure your firearms have been cleaned and put away properly. Clean those hunting boots and check out what condition those waders are in.

Maybe go to a sports show, many are coming up from now until the beginning of the opener. All of these activities can help you pass the time a lot easier and will make the upcoming season a real pleasure. Plan ahead, and schedule plenty of time for your visit to the show. Mom and Dad may want to check out the latest cabin cruiser, but the youngsters might want to spend their time at the trout pond. So, check your newspaper for show hours and for any special events. An early arrival means you'll get a close-in parking space; your feet will thank you later.

If you've got toddlers, you might consider a babysitter. If not, don't forget your stroller. It's hard to try out the latest fishing rod when you're carrying a sleepy or squirming youngster.

Many shows publish a free directory available at the door. If you're looking for a specific product, "let your fingers do the walking" and use it like you would a road map and plan refreshment breaks. Most shows have vendors or food booths with special finger foods. At some shows, companies set up demonstration cooking and give away free samples.

If you are looking for a fishing vacation, make a list of all your needs. For example, you will find a lot of different camps. Some have all the amenities that you could want, all you have to do is bring a toothbrush. A few may offer some of the best fishing in the world, but the camps are primitive and lack items family members may want, such as a shower facility or indoor plumbing. If you make a list of the things you want in a fishing vacation, keeping in mind your budget and talk to the owners of the camps you will have a vacation that will build fun filled lasting memories.

Wear casual, comfortable clothing. You'll be more relaxed, and comfortable shoes are a must. Wear deck shoes if you want to go aboard the new boats. Street shoes often slip on decks, and the sales personnel may not allow you aboard if you have shoes that might mar the deck.

Some companies offer free literature bags at the shows. Fill them up with literature that you'll enjoy at your leisure. But if you've got any questions, ask the representative in the display while you are there.

Many companies offer boat show incentives to their dealers, who are able to pass the savings along to customers. So, if you're in the market, the boat show may be your best time to add that new outboard, boat or camping gear. Don't over look companies that offer accessories for your fishing boat as well. One booth that I stop by all the time is the one that has the Panther marine products. Personally, I really like the motor lifts and the jackplates for my Ranger 620. They have worked with Ranger and developed products that are not just an add on, but meet factory specifications.

Often, the shows include free clinics or demonstrations on fishing techniques. Plan your visit around these clinics. They offer plenty of good information, and are a nice break. Listen to what the pros are telling you. They can help you eliminate a lot of fish locating time, because they spend more time on the water and they can tell you what has worked for them. Application of the knowledge will be all that is required of you when you hit the water this spring.

Sport and boat shows offer an enjoyable break from the winter routine, so watch your local newspaper for show information. If you are interested in reading more about walleye fishing and variety of fishing techniques log onto www.northwoodsfishing.com. Hope to see you soon on the net. If you are interested in a guided trip, a personal media interview, or photo shoot, please call 715-545-8347. I am located in the Phelps, Wisconsin area.

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