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Lowrance Does it Again!
By Samuel Forbes

A sonar unit, or fish finder, is among the most important pieces of fishing equipment we own. It acts as our eyes beneath the water and is often times our best friend in the boat. It shows us all of those great fish hiding spots like under water islands, shoals, and drop offs. We get accurate depth readings that help us determine where to place our baits and even temperature and speed indicators on higher end units. Finally, we are able to actually "see" our quarry, which enables us to make a precise presentation right in the target zone.

When it comes to walleye fishing in particular, a good sonar unit is especially helpful. The old marble eye can be a very tricky fish to catch as they are always on the move and hard to predict. Whether they are holding tight to structure or suspended over deep water, every advantage is recommended when in persuit of this wily fish.

Nobody knows how challenging fishing can be better than the people at Lowrance Electronics. They have been the pinnacle in marine electronics for many years now and are still leading the way. Their job is to make thing easier on us, the fishermen. Well, they did it again. Several weeks ago, Lowrance unveiled several new sonar/gps units that have people talking everywhere. Innovative was the first thought that came to mind when I saw these new models. The second was trophy walleye!

I want to mention 3 new units that are all sonar and gps combos. They are the LCX-16, LCX-15MT, and the LCX-15CT. The first thing that will get your attention is the new color screens on the X-16 and the X-15CT. Brilliant color and very high resolution make for "superb target seperation and underwater detail." In fact, the X-16 has 640x480 pixels while the X-15CT has 320x240. I have never seen sonar with such amazing detail, period. Both the X-15CT (color transflective) and the X-15MT (monochrome transflective) are awesome in direct sunlight. No more squniting your eyes or cupping your hands to see the screen. The brighter the direct sunlight, the better these look.

The next thing you will notice is the array of options available. Features such as split screen zoom, split screen sonar and gps, and water proof inputs for Multi Media Cards (MMC) are just a few of the options. Despite this, they are very user friendly and simple to operate.

If you are looking for a new unit, I strongly advise checking out the new line from Lowrance. They will be available by the end of summer so check with your local dealer. For more information, you can go to www.Lowrance.com and see these beauties for yourself. In all fairness, I must warn you. Once you have seen one, it will end up in your boat!

Good fishing!

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