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Release Date: 2000-2001 Ice Fishing Season

Contact: On Ice Tour · P.O Box 517, Walker, MN 56484 · (218) 547-4714

On Ice Tour

Chip Leer and Tommy Skarlis join forces and form the Dynamic Duo of Ice Fishing

What’s the hottest thing going during the cold weather months? Answer: ICE FISHING! The flourishing sport of ice fishing is no longer viewed as "whittling time away" between open water seasons. Instead, an ever-increasing number of freshwater fishermen take ice fishing as seriously as they do summer angling.

Along with the sport’s expansion comes an increased demand for ice fishing information and specialized equipment. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a resource for beginner, intermediate, and expert ice anglers that educated as well as demonstrated the industry’s finest tools? Founded in 1998, On Ice Tour was created to do just that.

"On Ice Tour’s primary goal is to generate enthusiasm for ice fishing," says outdoor personality and On Ice Tour co-founder Chip Leer. "We want to introduce new anglers to this exciting sport, especially kids, and further educate people who already ice fish."

Chip’s partner, professional angler, Tommy Skarlis puts it this way: "In order to be a successful ice angler, you need knowledge of the sport and the right gear in hand. On Ice Tour is dedicated to teaching folks proven ice fishing techniques, and at the same time introducing them to the tools of the trade."

Chip and Tommy, ice fishing’s Dynamic Duo, come from entirely different fishing backgrounds; Chip being a northwoods guide, and Tommy, a guy who honed his fishing skills on the southern fringe of ice fishing country. Their unique experiences fuse, offering insight into hardwater angling that covers fishing situations from prairie lakes to river backwaters and reservoirs to The Great Lakes.

On Ice Tour communicates and educates in a variety ways. For starters, On Ice Tour will conduct numbers of in-store demonstrations and seminars prior to and during the 2000-2001 ice-fishing season. Each scheduled event includes a free multimedia seminar, and long before curious anglers arrive, the On Ice Tour staff offers product and technique training for store employees.

"One on one conversations have the single biggest impact on anglers", says Tommy Skarlis. In addition to group seminars, individual question and answer sessions have become a major component of every On Ice Tour event.

On Ice Tour is making its way to numerous fishing contests and tournaments throughout the Upper Midwest and Canada. As part of the 2000-2001 schedule, they’ll exhibit at competitions in Brainerd, MN, Devils Lake, ND, Thunder Bay, Ont., Forest Lake, MN, amongst other popular venues.

Ice anglers also have the opportunity to interact with On Ice Tour at several consumer sport shows. Their sport show appearances include ice-fishing seminars, small group discussions at the On Ice Tour instructional booth, and special clinics for youngsters.

On Ice Tour pulls into each event hauling loads of ice fishing gear, which includes demonstrational equipment and a few product samples. Chip, Tommy, and their crew proudly endorse and demo products by Abu Garcia, Aqua-Vu, Berkley, Coleman Outdoor Products, Finicky’s Fish Factory, Lindy Little Joe, Inc., Northland Tackle, Ready Rig, Strikemaster, USL Products (Fish Trap & Clam), Zercom Marine, and others.

Additionally, On Ice Tour promotes ice fishing through its official web site (www.onicetour.com), annual publication (On Ice), nationally syndicated articles, and "On Ice with Chip and Tommy", a radio show broadcast on central Minnesota’s KLLZ.

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