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Windsocks are a must!
By Mike Peluso

Growing up in North Dakota I have come to the conclusion the wind will blow almost everyday. During the walleye season we face many different situations. Wind is definitely one that causes the most problems. I think I can count on one hand how many times we have had the perfect wind in the last ten years. Windsocks are nothing new for the old walleye veterans, but have become a standard ingredient for walleye anglers the past few years. I use boat breaks all the time to help keep my bait on the bottom. It can be used in drift situations, or it can slow your boat down while trolling. I carry three different sizes with me at all times. This allows me to adjust my speeds according to the wind speeds. A good rule of thumb while drifting is to keep your line at a 45-degree angle. If it stays pretty close, you are moving at a good speed. When I am unable to keep my line at a 45-degree angle, I try to adjust. If the wind is really blowing hard you may need all three to keep the right speed! When you first purchase your drift sock, some will not come with a rope to attach it to the boat. You will need to fix one up for this. I like to use a soft braided type about a half-inch in diameter. Attach swivel clips on both ends. This will keep it from tangling up and work well while attaching to the cleats of your boat. You will need only about 3 or 4 feet of rope for each sock. The soft braided rope is easy to tie and will not scratch or rub the paint off your boat. It is also easier on your hands when pulling the socks back in. If you don't have a drift bag, I would definitely recommend getting one. Most breaks have a string at the narrow end to change the speeds. Closing the string and opening it can make the slightest difference to help catch more walleyes. Starting off with a big drift bag will always keep you moving slow enough, and if you upgrade to a larger boat you can still use it! I prefer the ones made by JNB Originals. They have the most advanced boat brake on the market. Joe and Nancy Beech have spent many hours designing the perfect drift bag. You can locate them on the web at www.driftbag.com you will also find some other great products they have on this site! Look them up and see what you think! Until next time, wipe your boat off every time out of the water and keep your head up in the middle of the ice! Mike Peluso

This Fishing Article is brought to you by Mike Peluso

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